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Mom of the Year: This Duck

An adult, female duck was spotted on Lake Bemidji in Minnesota by amateur photographer Brent Cizek.

It’s incredible that one adult duck was able to lead and care for dozens of ducklings. All of the ducklings followed orderly behind the mama duck.

The type of duck, a common merganser, can lay around a dozen eggs at a time. This means that all of the ducklings following the mama duck were not all of her own.

Ducky Day Care

Some ducks, including the common merganser, raise their babies in a group similar to a day care. Most of the time, the duck who raises the ducklings is an older, more experienced duck. This gives the ducklings the best chance for survival. Most of the female ducks lay their eggs around the same time, leaving their ducklings in care of the matriarch.

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