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Central Mexico Mob Burns 2 Men to Death

Two alleged child abductors have been burned to death in Central Mexico. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

Enraged villagers have burned two suspected child abductors to death in Central Mexico.

Local authorities confirmed the killing on Thursday, claiming the two victims – aged 21 and 53 – were believed to be child abductors. The men had initially been detained in the town of San Vicente Boqueron in Puebla. They were pulled from their cell by an angry crowd before beating them up and setting them on fire.

“Nearly 150 angered residents broke the door (…) taking out the two individuals,” the state government said on Wednesday.

Images of the incident immediately surfaced on social media, showing the moment when a furious mob doused the male victims in gasoline before setting them alight. According to a report from the local media, relatives of the men said they were actually farm workers who had traveled to the town to buy supplies.

In another press release, the state’s prosecutor’s office criticized the local police for not getting back-up. They said cops in Puebla should have sent in negotiators who could have assisted in subduing the frantic crowd. They were also expected to seek help from the state police to deal with the situation but they failed to do so.

Daily Mail reportedly tried to contact the state police in Acatlan de Osorio. An on-duty officer responded but did not agree to comment on the case – citing the ongoing investigations. He requested the press to direct all of their inquiries through the prosecutor’s office for the state of Puebla.

The Puebla incident was not the first time a mob killed people in Central Mexico in recent years. Residents in Ajalpan, Puebla beat two young men to death in 2015 after rumors had spread in the town that child kidnappers were roaming around. It turned out the victims were at the area to conduct a poll regarding tortilla consumption in Ajalpan.


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