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Five Affordable Do-It-Yourself Home Security Options You Can Buy on Amazon

Keeping yourself, family, and belongings safe and secure is always a priority. To do that, there are many options available, but a popular choice is to hire a professional home security system provider such as Vivint. Although it is a quick solution, it’s quite expensive, and you have to pay a monthly fee.

But don’t worry! If you’re on a tight budget but capable of installing things yourself, you’re in the right place. On this article, we’re going to offer five home security devices that you can easily install. These are effective at providing you an initial defense against thieves and intruders. And although it may cost you time and money, you shouldn’t worry as what you’re doing is practically an investment.

Swann Wireless Security Alarm

Swann Wireless Security System
The first product on this list is a basic but elegant-looking doorway alarm system, the Swann Wireless Security Alarm. It’s only less than $40, making it affordable for everyone. It has a receiver and two motion sensors that ideally should be placed near entrances. To install it, you only need a drill and a screwdriver. The receiver will need three AA batteries while each sensor will need three AAA ones. The alarm has three sounds available for you to choose, and they’re very loud. In a nutshell, this security alarm is straightforward and can only be armed and disarmed manually through the receiver. So we only recommend this one for couples without kids or individuals living alone.

SK-200 SkylinkNet Connected Wireless Alarm System

SkyLink Home Security
If you want more control of your security system that can be accessed by the entire family through its mobile app, you will love the SK-200 SkylinkNet Connected Wireless Alarm System. This product is more expensive than the first product but has a number of bells and whistles. For starters, it can be paired not just with your phone but with Google Home and Alexa as well. The system has a receiver (works as an internet hub as well), a pair of door/window sensor, a wide-coverage motion sensor, and a remote. We recommend this for the typical household as there is better overall control.

Panasonic KX-HN6003W Smart Home Monitoring System

Panasonic Home Security
Next one is the Panasonic KX-HN6003W Smart Home Monitoring System, which is similar to the previous product, but better. A few key differences are that this product’s remote has a digital screen with better configuration and the overall package is faster and easier to install. The only problem with the Panasonic KX-HN6003W Smart Home Monitoring System is that it has a slow mobile application. So when it comes to accessing the device through your phone or tablet, it’s going to take a bit of time and patience. Nonetheless, it’s robust and reliable enough as an affordable, capable home security option.

Wsdcam Wireless Anti-Theft Remote Control Door and Window Alarm

WSDCam Wireless Anti-Theft
If you only need one door to secure, or you live in a small apartment by yourself, the best home security device for you Wsdcam Wireless Anti-theft Remote Control Door and Window Alarm. It’s a pair of remote and sensor. The sensor itself is also the alarm and is incredibly easy to install. Its remote provides you the disarm and arm key. It’s super cheap, extremely loud, and can be upgradable by buying more sensors. Up to 50 sensors can be used with one remote. The sensors should be installed on doors and windows to go off if they are opened.
In addition to being a security alarm, a sensor can be used at a door as a door chime to alert you when children are entering and leaving.

SECURITYMAN Door Stop Alarm Wedge (2-Pack)

Door Jams
Last on our list is for those who prefer a manual option, the SECURITYMAN Door Stop Alarm Wedge. If you don’t want to drill, install, or even stick a sensor on your wall, this alarm wedge is for you. To use it, you just basically leave it on the floor right behind any door. Whenever someone forcefully opens that door with this wedge behind it, it will produce a super loud siren. It’s ideal to place at night or when you plan on leaving your house. The noise it makes is guaranteed powerful enough to discourage intruders from pursuing their mischievous plans.

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