O'Hare airport in Chicago

Protesters in O’Hare Airport Arrested Trying to Disrupt Traffic

Protesters have been arrested for trying to disrupt traffic in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Yonikasz

Protesters near O’Hare Airport in Chicago were arrested for attempting to disrupt traffic.

Several individuals were taken into custody on Monday after what seemed to be an ill-fated attempt to shut down the airport. The demonstration apparently involved activists concerned about economic injustice and gun violence in the city.

“In order to get the attention of the ear we need for the people’s needs, we need to perform some kind of massive action,” protest organizer, Rev. Gregory Livingston, declared before being handcuffed and escorted by cops.

Heavily outnumbered by police, dozens of protesters gathered at a ramp near O’Hare. Aside from closing off the scene, authorities warned other protesters that they could face arrest if they venture onto the highway.

“I need you all to remain peaceful, don’t disturb them, because guess what? We’ve already achieved our goal. I want to thank all of you that came out. This is not the end,” Livingston told his fellow protesters.

The Coalition for a New Chicago planned to shut down the Kennedy Expressway before marching to O’Hare. Their goal was to put pressure on Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and hear their concerns.

According to protesters, their goal was to block both sides of the expressway. They needed to purposely inconvenience people so that their group would be heard.

Mayor Emanuel has already said in the past that citizens depend on O’Hare and Midway jobs and economic opportunities. As a result, he believes protesters should not send their message in a way that would cause a disturbance in other people’s livelihoods.

In response, Livingston said getting through Rahm is not as easy as it seems.”Rahm is inaccessible, and not a people person,” he explained. “He runs from the people and we’re just gonna chase him until we get him as long as he’s getting a pay check, because that’s the taxpayer’s money.”

A huge police presence was seen during the protest. Authorities said it was a joint effort between the Illinois State Police, Park Ridge Police and the entire city of Chicago.


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