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San Bernardino Shooting Leaves 10 Wounded Victims

Police said people were playing games in an apartment block when the shooting took place. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

8 people were shot at an apartment complex in San Bernardino, California, including a 17-year-old boy who remains in critical condition.

Police confirmed that the shooting took place on Sunday in an outdoor common area where a group had been playing games. Southern California officials are still not sure on what motivated the crime, San Bernardino police spokesman Captain Richard Lawhead said.

“Right now, nobody is cooperating and providing us with the information we need to help us locate a suspect or what led to the shooting or anything else,” Lawhead told the press via phone interview.

The victims were taken to three nearby hospitals. It has been confirmed that the teen victim is in extremely critical condition, as well as one adult victim. The other eight, on the other hand, had sustained wounds that are non-life threatening and they are expected to survive.

According to Lawson, police initially said 10 people were hit by gunfire at the scene. He later clarified that only eight people had been shot – explaining that police had initially taken conflicting reports.

San Bernardino police spokeswoman Sadie Albers told reporters that the victims were not cooperating with investigators, so they still don’t know what led to the shooting. Additionally, Albers said evidence at the scene showed that several firearms were used by the suspects.

No arrests have been made as of this writing. While officials confirmed there is gang activity in the area, they could not say if the shooting was related to any gang at this point.

San Bernardino was also the scene of a mass shooting in 2015. The tragic incident involved a husband and wife who killed 14 individuals and wounded 22 others – both attackers were later shot to death by the police. Authorities said the couple was inspired by Islamic extremists.

There was no indication that the past mass shooting had any connection to Sunday’s gun battle.



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