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Cardi B Confronts Nicki Minaj At New York Fashion Week Party

Nicki Minaj | Credit: Rory/Flickr

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj became the talk of the town Friday night after the two got into a heated altercation at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party, during the New York Fashion Week in New York City.

In videos and photos obtained by several news outlets, Cardi and Nicki became involved in a brawl in a hallway at the event that left the former with a lump just above her left eye.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Nicki was with her crew at a table when Cardi “aggressively approached” them.

“Let me tell you something,” Cardi reportedly said as she lunged toward Nicki. The “I Like It” rapper failed to make any contact with the “Chun-Li” lyricist as the security was able to stop her. Cardi, however, wasn’t done yet. The mother of one pulled off one of her shoes and threw it at Nicki, missing her target.

As Cardi tried to attack Nicki, the 10-time Grammy-nominated artist reportedly remained calm while being surrounded by guards.

Sources close to Cardi told the news outlet that the New York-born music artist was not looking to start a fight when she walked toward Nicki. According to the insiders, Cardi only wanted “to address the lies Nicki was spreading,” adding that they think the security had a plan in place if Cardi came anywhere near Nicki. The sources also claimed that one member of the security elbowed Cardi in the face, explaining the lump on her forehead.

Soon after, Cardi was escorted out by security and left the party with one shoe on her foot. Nicki, meanwhile, seemed unaffected by the incident. According to Us Weekly, Safaree Samuels’ ex even went into the party for approximately 30 minutes following the altercation.

People behind the New York Fashion Week party were reportedly “mortified” by the incident. “This event took months of planning, and it’s meant to be the most exclusive and glamorous party during [New York Fashion Week],” an insider told E! News. “This kind of behavior overshadowed months of hard work and an otherwise fabulous night.”

Why Did Cardi B Try To Attack Nicki Minaj?

Shortly after the fight, Cardi took to Instagram to send a public message to Nicki, giving a little bit of context to why she confronted Nicki at the bash.

“I’ve let a lot of s–t slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, f–k up the way I eat! You’ve threatened other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you’ll stop f–kin with them!! I let you talk big s–t about me!!” Cardi wrote.

“I addressed you once in person, I addressed you a second time in person, and every time you copped a plea!!” Cardi continued. “But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f–kin off!! I’ve worked too hard and come too far to let anybody f–k with my success!!!!”

Cardi ended her post with the lines: “B–ches talk all that s–t in they raps but in real life they p–sy!! This s–t really is for entertainment!!”

While Cardi’s fans are rallying behind her, some people on Twitter are actually disappointed by how she acted towards Nicki at the party. See the tweets below:

According to Complex, the long-running feud between Cardi and Nicki started in June 2017 when the latter appeared at Remy Ma’s 2017 performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam festival, which came in the heat of Nicki’s feud with Remy.

Though Minaj has said multiple times in the past that there’s no bad blood between her and Cardi, she did admit that she felt “really, really, really hurt” by the way Cardi behaved towards her after the release of their collaboration with Migos, titled “Motorsport.”

“I remember when I first came in the game, if a female of that stature had done a feature with me on it, I would only be singing their praises and saying, ‘Thank you.’ The first interview she did after ‘Motorsport’ came out, it really hurt me,” Minaj said during an interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe in April. “She looked so aggravated and angry. And the only thing she kept saying was, ‘Oh, I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear her verse.’ I was like… ‘What?’”

Cardi B speaking to James David Manning on Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers in January 2016. | Credit: ATLAHWorldwide/Wikimedia Commons

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