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Lil Xan Says He’s Quitting Music After Mac Miller’s Death

Lil Xan | Credit: Daniel Aziz/Wikimedia Commons

Mac Miller’s death has made Lil Xan want to retire from music for good.

Lil Xan, aka Diego Leanos, recently revealed that Miller’s passing has been so hard for him that he’s planning to quit music forever soon after his contract with Columbia Records ends.

“The Mac s–t is crazy. I’ve been crying in my apartment, Mac didn’t die, Mac didn’t overdose,” Lil Xan said of how he reacted to Miller’s death during the former’s appearance on Adam22’s (aka Adam Grandmaison) podcast “No Jumper” on Saturday, Sept. 8.

Lil Xan went on to suggest that he has started to lose interest in making new music since the “Dang!” rapper’s demise. “When your hero dies, f–k that s–t, I don’t want to make music no more,” Lil Xan said.

Though Lil Xan just released his first album “Total Xanarchy” in April, he told Grandmaison that he is “retiring” after his current contract.

Also on the podcast, Lil Xan shared the last words Miller had told him. “Before I left [his last show], he was like ‘Be safe,’” Lil Xan recalled. “People say that you know, like ‘be safe.’ But he grabbed me, and he pulled me back and he was like ‘No I mean BE SAFE.’  That almost made me cry, that’s my idol right there.”

“I keep thinking about that, how it resonated in my head, how those were his last words,” added Lil Xan, who said he wants to be “clean and sober” now.

Lil Xan’s revelation that he’s quitting music following the death of Miller has received mixed reactions from social media users. While a lot of people on Twitter think that Lil Xan should not bid farewell to the music industry just yet, others actually support his plan to retire. See the tweets below:



Mac Miller’s Death

Miller, whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, died of an apparent drug overdose in his Studio City home around noon on Friday, Sept. 7, and was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 26.

Sources told TMZ that authorities were alerted by a male friend who called 911 from Miller’s home. According to the emergency dispatch audio obtained by the news outlet, first responders were called for a patient in cardiac arrest.

Los Angeles Police Officer Drake Madison, a department spokesman, said that “officers went to the scene for a death investigation.” After it was determined that there was no foul play, the investigation on Miller’s death was turned over to coroner’s officials.

In a statement, coroner’s spokesperson Sarah Ardalani said that Miller was found “unresponsive” and declared dead at 11:51 a.m. His cause of death has yet to be determined.

Mac Miller performing at the Splash! Music Festival on July 7, 2017. | Credit: Nicolas Völcker/Wikimedia Commons

According to actor Ben Baller, Miller was scheduled to shoot a music video on the day of his death. “Gone too soon. So much talent. But most importantly, Malcolm you were an amazing person and friend,” Baller wrote on Instagram on Friday alongside two videos of the later rapper. “I am still in shock. Actually I still don’t believe it. I was with you 2 days ago. We were supposed to shoot your new music video today. You were an angel bro. I love you and I’ll miss you homie. Shalom. Rest In Peace Mac.”

Miller was also scheduled to hit the road for a tour for his new album, “Swimming,” on Oct. 27, according to Us Weekly.

Miller’s inner struggles throughout his career were no secret to the public. In fact, in his last interview before his death, Miller opened up about the challenges of being popular. “There’s pressure [being famous],” he told Vulture. “A lot of times in my life I’ve put this pressure to hold myself to the standard of whatever I thought I was supposed to be, or how I was supposed to be perceived. And that creates pressure.”

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