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Wednesday Headlines: Idris Elba, 2018 Word of the Year

Good morning. Here are your Wednesday headlines for this week.

NASA to Launch its Latest Mission

ICON – the newest mission of NASA – is launching on Thursday.

The Ionospheric Connection Explorer will give researchers a closer look from within the upper atmosphere, 350 miles above our planet.

ICON is also capable of measuring particles directly and capturing how they move.

The explorer will operate amid airglow, which is made of bright bands of color found in the atmosphere.

Airglow occurs when molecules and atoms in the upper atmosphere shed excess energy after receiving so much from the sun.

This phenomenon then creates bands of purple and yellow, or red and green light.

Collins’ Word of the Year for 2018 Revealed

The term “single-use” has been named as the Collins dictionary’s Word of the Year.

Plastic waste is one of the main problems in the world right now.

This has led more people to turn their backs on disposable plastics – which brings the term single-use or made to be used one time only.

Single-use may have symbolized a convenient and lifestyle once, but it has now turned into something that represents the Earth’s worst excesses.

Since the Word of the Year award started, these words have gained special recognition in the past:

geek (2013), photobomb (2014), binge-watch (2015), Brexit (2016) and fake news (2017).

Cuomo Wins Third Term as NY Governor

Governor Andrew Cuomo has won his third term in New York after Tuesday’s elections.

He defeated Republican Marcus Molinaro, the Dutchess County executive.

Cuomo, 60, garnered a majority of votes in the city of New York.

His success mirrored his win in the September primary, in which he beat actress and education advocate Cynthia Nixon.

During his victory speech, Cuomo said his victory symbolized the state’s liberal perspective.

He also took a jab at Pres. Donald Trump, saying, “New York is not buying what President Trump is selling.”

He added, “We know his type too well.”

The US-China Trade War is Stupid, Says Jack Ma

Tech billionaire Jack Ma has criticized the war between the US and China.

During a conference, the philanthropist slammed the conflict involving the two nations and said, “Trade war is the most stupid thing in this world.”

The comment is the latest and bluntest jibe about the trade war from the Alibaba executive chairman and founder.

Ma also insisted that the main purpose of trade should be to promote communication and peace instead of causing conflict.

Back in September, he also made a remark about it for ruining his plans of creating 1 million jobs in the US.

Idris Elba Named as ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine

It’s official: Idris Elba is People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.”

He is the 33rd man to receive the recognition, which means he is the magazine’s cover for this month.

Speaking with the publication, Elba said the announcement was a surprise to him.

“I was like, ‘Come on, no way. Really?'” he said when he first learned he had been selected.

The 46-year-old actor is known for playing a role in “Luther,” a British TV show.

He also appeared on the iconic HBO drama, “The Wire.”

Featured image:Charged particles in Earth’s atmosphere – which make up the ionosphere – create bands of color above Earth’s surface, known as airglow. ICON, depicted in this artist’s concept, will study the ionosphere from a height of about 350 miles to understand how the combined effects of terrestrial weather and space weather influence this ionized layer of particles. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/NASA Goddard’s Conceptual Image Lab/B. Monroe

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