New York City Schools

NYC Public Schools to Go Remote…Again

Kelly Callanga
New York City Schools

Almost all experts and evidence shows that schools should not be closed as they do not statistically contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

However, as we know, Hizonner DeBozzo (and his puppet Carrranza) has never used statistics or reason in any of his decisions. Instead, he does what his socialist compass guides him to do.

Responses from twitter are all over the board.

One person believes it is people’s faults for eating out that caused this and that people don’t care about Black and Brown kids (clearly not racist):

Another user pointed out that the 3% rate is arbitrary and not connected to low transmission rates in schools at all.


Last Minute Letter From the Chancellor to Principals

Chancellor Carranza Letter
The is part of the letter that NYC school principals received from Chancellor Carranza

Maybe since students are performing so terribly across the board, it is a last ditch attempt to hide how terrible everything is and use COVID as an excuse.


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