Woman Shot in the Head in Broad Daylight


You won’t see this on CNN.

You won’t hear a thing from BLM, athletes or celebrities.

Unfortunately, a woman was killed in broad daylight, shot in the head point blank.

Tragic and Disturbing Video of Woman Getting Shot in the Head in Park Slope, Brooklyn



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If you’re not sure why you won’t hear about this on the liberal media channels, this should clear it up.

Murder doesn't matter if the murderer is black

The cold-blooded murder was black.

If it was a white on black murder, it would be on the news.

The victim was unarmed, but it doesn’t matter.

If the victim was armed and killed by a cop, there would be protests in the street, and all you’d hear about is systemic racisim, white supremacy, and how unsafe it is to be black because cops target blacks.

The world we live in is sick.

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