Tyler Cameron getting cozy with another woman?

Tyler Cameron Getting Cozy With A Mystery Woman At A Florida Bar After His Breakup With Camila Kendra


Has Tyler Cameron already moved on?

Tyler Cameron and his girlfriend for eight months, Camila Kendra has separated. The pair were most recently seen together on July 27, when Cameron showed up on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” to promote his dating book, “You Deserve Better,” while Kendra and closest companion Matt James upheld him in the crowd. The previous couple were first linked in January.
The couple unfollowed each other on Instagram last week which made fans begin to theorize that the two have separated however in their astonishment, Tyler didn’t appear to be down and out this end of the week as he was seen at a bar in Jacksonville Beach, Fla with an unidentified lady touching his chest. An eyewitness said that the blonde girl was all over him. An account on Instagram named “Deuxmio” was the one who posted a photo of him.

Reactions to Tyler and Camila who had just broken up

It just has been one week after he called Camila his “soulmate”. The actor also revealed that they were both in love and he did not kiss her until the fifth date. Cameron’s managers and Kendra did not immediately respond to the issue surfacing the internet right now. Username @TVsTimStack tweeted, “I don’t know who either of these people are, but I really had high hopes for them,” after hearing about the news.


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