Will Aaron Carter go Fully Nude?

Will we able to see Aaron Carter go fully nude?


Is Aaron Carter going fully nude during a production of “Naked Boys Singing”?

Aaron Carter will star in a 12-week Las Vegas production of “Naked Boys Singing” at the Jewel Box Theatre on September 8th, in which will give him the floor to be completely stripped.

“I think the naked body is a beautiful thing”, says Carter in Variety Wednesday. He’s joining a gay musical which is the only fully nude Las Vegas’ revue. He additionally disclosed to Variety that he adores doing OnlyFans, “They make you feel attractive and good about yourself”, he added. “I love that social media platform more than any other other platform. It’s not about them money. It’s about the fans.” Carter makes $15 every month for naked photographs and recordings on his OnlyFans account.

Regardless of whether Carter appeared to say idealistic reactions, it’s the opposite way around for individuals of the web as they show their conflict of the star joining the said musical. 

Reactions to Aaron Carter Fully Nude

A twitter user even reminded the internet by quoting a video tweet regarding what Carter did, “Just a reminder that Aaron Carter has thr3aten3d Vegas @FBILasVegas @TomDangora”. 

A user named Mike$tar (@mikebloodstar) also tweeted,“@aaroncarter the truth is we’re all gonna die but it all depends on where we go either to hell or heaven with jesus you only like your money so I don’t give a f***”

However, reactions like this didn’t tame Carter as he dismissed it and wrote in his remark segment on Instagram, “I’m literally laughing so hard at these comments lmao, I have the haters actually jumping when I say jump.”

Naked Boys Singing! is presented by Tom D’Angora and Nick Padgett, to be directed by Tom and Michael D’Angora.

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