Vaccine Mandates

Is the mandatory COVID vaccination a way to exploit the masses for power?


Former CIA officer calls out Biden on mandatory COVID vaccination, says “we will resist.”   

Bryan Dean Wright made a series of tweets on Thursday directed to President Joe Biden and what the former CIA officer referred to as his “sycophants” in reaction to vaccine mandates.    

According to Wright, the government uses vaccine passports and mandates to force him to take the vaccine or otherwise be purged from society — a personal dilemma he described as “a matter of life and death.”    

Wright shared that he contracted COVID-19 in December 2020 and fortunately recovered. His doctor then advised against getting a COVID vaccination as he is already naturally immune.    

As President Biden urged local governments to set new rules that require workers to provide proof of vaccination, Wright shared what he listed as “a threat more grave than COVID.”    

He claimed that by setting norms that restrict certain privileges to vaccinated people, Biden’s regime makes unvaccinated people’s lives “miserable” to force compliance.    

The former CIA officer advised COVID patients to consult their doctors about the potential adverse effects of COVID vaccinations before deciding for themselves without a government mandate forcing them to comply.    

For him, there is no denying the intentions of Biden’s regime and the Left to exploit a compliant populace for expansion of power.  

He then fired another tweet, directly addressing Biden to stop forcing the masses with natural immunity to take a vaccine “that science says we do not need — and may cause grave injury.” 

Reactions to Biden's Forced Vaccination

A concerned citizen echoed Wright’s sentiments on Twitter and said her husband refused the vaccination due to a medical reason.    

My husband already has a clotting disorder and refuses to get the vax for this reason. I completely understand your decision and agree!

Rather than providing assurance, mandatory vaccination seems to create further doubts.    

Thank you so much for sharing, Bryan. If someone is giving you a hard time for being “hesitant,” please share this. I’ve laid out my path to hesitancy. People need to understand the reasons why we #resist. Let’s get the word out:

In response to Wright’s tweets, another Twitter user expressed disappointment towards the Biden administration and urged people to resist. Otherwise, this could be an opportunity to exploit the masses for “control and power.” 

Logical and science based. Sad that this administration could care less about that. The only thing they care about is control and power. People must resist.

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