Nursing Home Scandal

New Yorkers: Cuomo Must Be Held Accountable for Nursing Home Deaths


New Yorkers were not satisfied with Andrew Cuomo’s resignation—justice must prevail.

Andrew Cuomo’s resignation is simply not enough for New Yorkers to hold him accountable for the deaths from nursing homes stemming from his irresponsible management on COVID-19.

Thus, Americans are coming together to address the need for a fair and just intervention on this matter. One of them is Nicole Malliotakis, a US representative, who stated in an interview with Newsmax that: “This resignation [of Andrew Cuomo] does not equal accountability, and there still needs to be justice for those family members who lost loved ones in the nursing homes.”

Cuomo’s decision to send COVID patients to nursing homes is not something to be forgotten as it puts thousands of senior citizens in danger and causes them to fear for their lives. As was feared, this unwise move led to the death of more than 15,000 nursing home residents and other patients whose bodies were infected with the virus. Adding fuel to the fire were the anomalies just waiting to unfold.

Cuomo and some health officials, who firmly denied all accusations of mishandling the cases, were found to cover up death tolls double the official data reported.

The death tolls alone are not the only cause of Cuomo’s downfall, but also due to a $5 million contract that he promoted talking about his achievements in handling COVID-19. A promotion supposedly for achievements turned out to be a wasted effort to feed people lies they would not even chew.

Reactions to Cuomo's Unresolved Nursing Home Scandal

Former elected director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Board of Governors, Matthew Kolken, questions why Cuomo continues to be free from charges despite his law violations.

It is 1:52 p.m. est and Andrew Cuomo has still not be charged with a crime from covering up a mass casualty event in nursing homes.

For the Chair of Women for America First, a resignation wouldn’t suffice—Cuomo must pay for the mass casualty in Nursing Homes.

This isn’t enough. He needs to be held accountable for the 15K + deaths in nursing homes during the pandemic.

“Prosecution”—is what Author Pollack seeks not only for the thousands of lives that were mercilessly taken away but also for Cuomo’s shameless sexual harassment.

Prosecute Andrew Cuomo for sexual harassment AND killing thousands of elderly in New York nursing homes.

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