Sandra Lee’s New Love After Cuomo Split

Sandra Lee is now dating Ben Youcef, an Algerian interfaith pioneer, entertainer, writer, and producer who is 46.
As indicated by the sources who knows her well, Sandra Lee expressed that she’s still feeling the scars of her separation from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Also, people close to Lee said that she struggled to get her life back over the past two years in the wake of her split with Cuomo and her battle with breast cancer.
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“It’s very hard for Sandra to move on — she’s not done licking her wounds,” a companion said. “She’s just trying to do the best she can to keep her head above water right now.”

The friend also added that the current issue Cuomo is facing right now about the 11 women he allegedly sexually harassed is massively horrendous and excruciating for her to read about.

“Her heart was absolutely shattered when she split with Andrew, she has never even spoken out about her time with him, she’s always kept her mouth shut. She’s just trying to find some kind of solace and happiness.”

“This is the first joy Sandra has had in years, but it’s really not accurate to say she’s moved on,” said another source. Lee and Cuomo announced the end of their 14-year relationship in September 2019. “She’s spent the past two years in anguish since her split from Andrew. She had to move across the country to get her life back together again.”

“We’re just happy for her. We want Sandra to be happy, she deserves it.”

Reactions to Sandra's new love

This acquired endearing messages from individuals of the web saying,

Shout out to Sandra Lee for moving on and living her best life with Ben Youcef.

Another user even left an advice,

Oh my god, a man is her “first joy in years”. What awful messaging. Women, find your own happiness without it being primarily tied to some dude. Jfc.

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