Does Hochul Deserve Power as Husband Stay at Delaware North?


New Governor Kathy Hochul sparks controversy over potential conflict of interest.

Before fully taking over the position, Kathy Hochul faces challenge as her husband William J. Hochul Jr. remains the senior vice president and general counsel at Delaware North amid potential conflict of interest.

With her husband’s position of authority at Delaware North that leads the gambling, entertainment, and lodging industry, Kathy Hochul did not seem to fit to be the next governor. Additionally, John Kaehny, executive director of Reinvent Albany, revealed to the Daily Beast that the giant Buffalo-based business spent $700,000 to secure a higher position in state gambling.

However, more is about to come as Hochul, who becomes the power herself, has control over the state Gaming Commission, NY State Thruway Authority, and New York’s Office of Parks and Recreation. Her position can provide more privileges and profit to Delaware North.

Kaehny then smacked the idea with his statement to the Beast, “It’s unacceptable to have him as general counsel and her as governor.” He added, “The next governor should not be involved in enriching their spouse. It’s that simple.”

Glen White, Delaware North’s spokesman, on the other hand, told the media that, “Mr. Hochul will be precluded from involvement in matters relating to business conducted by Delaware North in New York State in which a New York State government official, department or agency is, or potentially could be, engaged.”

Reactions to Hochul's Potential Conflict of Interest

A concerned citizen says that Kathy Hochul might be an excellent leader but also implies that people must be cautious and see the possibilities of future anomalies.

@CPeoplesStokes sounds like an excellent legislator/politician, but we do need to keep an eye on possible conflict of interest with Kathy Hochul's husband's work with @delawarenorth .

Another citizen retweeted a post dreaming of putting the first woman governor and mayor in the post, however leaving a note about Hochul and his husband’s business with Delaware North.

One whose husband’s company does business with the Bills

Alongside the two preceding tweets, a citizen also expressed that Hochul may be under the shadow of corruption from the past administration if her husband continuously earns from Delaware North.

The conflict of interest exists as long as Bill Hochul is drawing a salary from this company with such extensive business before the state. If this is how Kathy Hochul is starting her administration, she is going to have a hard time avoiding the taint of Cuomo-style corruption.

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