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Hunter Biden’s Stolen Laptop Threatens to Leak “Crazy” Sexual Acts


According to Hunter Biden, Russian drug dealers stole his laptop during a 2018 trip to Vegas, threatening to expose his dirty secrets.

President’s son Hunter Biden lost a total of three computers due to different incidents—one of which is an alleged robbery. Each laptop plays a crucial role in both the father and son’s reputation as it is said to hold confidential information on Joe Biden and malicious visual media, including a video of the latter doing “crazy” sexual acts.

A 3-minute, 40-second video posted online revealed a nude Hunter and an unidentified woman who finish filming a sex tape in January 2019 having a conversation about his stolen laptop.

“They have videos of me doing this,” Hunter Biden said, pertaining to the filmed sex clip. “They have videos of me doing crazy f—ing sex f—ing, you know,” he further revealed.

During the conversation, the woman asked Hunter if the theft incident is being used as blackmail, to which the President’s son vaguely replied.

“No. I make like a gazillion dollars,” he said.

“No, the guy who took the computer,” the woman clarified.

Hunter Biden’s response stirs more speculation about whether he has a stake in what the thief earned when he sold the videos anonymously.

The said video clip also shows the naked Hunter and unidentified woman seemingly doing drug-related acts at the bedside table.

Reactions to Hunter Biden's Video Clip

Founder of ACTforAmerica Brigitte Gabriel expressed her disgust towards the video.

I’ll never be able to unsee the Hunter Biden video. Absolutely disgusting.

Host and Anti-Communist Jesse Kelly makes a humorous remark and suggests Hunter Biden use Twitter as that would be more convenient than hook-ups.

I feel like Hunter whines to hookers a lot about his problems. Does he not know most people do that on Twitter all day and it’s 100% free?

Writer and editor Carmin Sabia questions why the current President’s son was “never reported” as how media would always keep an eye to Donald Trump Jr. For him, Hunter Biden’s case is the “definition of Kompromat.”

And somehow Hunter Biden is never reported on and @DonaldJTrumpJr was reported on daily. This is the definition of Kompromat. via @MailOnline

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