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Americans in Rage as Biden Negotiates with Medicare


Congress should grant Medicare the authority to negotiate drug prices, President Joe Biden says.

The ongoing negotiation of US president Joe Biden with Medicare through his Build Back Better Agenda caused extreme anger and frustration to the Americans. This matter is no secret — there is inflation underway, making the citizens cry due to the higher cost of goods and services, especially prescription drugs.

The current administration promises to resolve this issue through the said agenda, but it takes too much time. Most senior citizens could not support their medications, and other people with complications who only rely on these medicines could barely buy them. Americans can’t take the misfortune of others hence, raising their voices for help on social media.

The administration admitting that “prescription drugs are outrageously expensive in this country,” told by Biden in a retweet, doesn’t give the country a state of comfort. Instead, it is just another reason for them to complain about how the government is all talk — a bunch of people full of promises taking an excessive amount of time to take the real action.

Furthermore, what heightens the citizens’ anger is that the state allows Medicare to negotiate their prices and not the other way around. Does Medicare have more power than the government? Is the state not prioritizing the older sector of the country? Or, is this a strategy to draw more money from the hopeless and suffering individuals?

Biden’s reign has been proudly claiming to bring change to America yet, seemingly, all their aspirations might only settle on what it currently is.

Reactions to Biden's Negotiation with Medicare

In response to Biden’s tweet, a Twitter user seems to imply the negotiation to be futile. He further questions why America, with “lots of money,” can’t provide low-cost health services even developing countries achieved.

USA has lots of money. Why don’t you build government hospitals in every state and provide low cost health services to your citizens? Even poor countries have done this.

A congressional district candidate also emphasized that Medicare must be the one negotiating for the prescription drug prices.

Medicare must negotiate drug prices. That's capitalism!

A concerned citizen, however, pointed out that maybe Medicare has some interest in gaining more profit from the medication of the senior citizens.

Sounds a lot like drug companies got their “special interest” catered to at the expense of seniors. Shame. America, where it takes so f’in long to do the right thing. Enough already!

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