Pink Sweat$ Brags About His Fiancee

Pink Sweat$ Inspiration Behind His Songs

Love is indeed in the air for the newly engaged couple, Pink Sweat$ and JL Bunny.

Pink Sweat$ quoted a tweet of Ari Lennox who asked, “How did y’all meet the love of your lives?” and without hesitation, shared how he met her now fiancée, JL Bunny.

“Met her thru her girls in philly, she was mean at first lol but I made her fall in love – at our 1st kiss, she told me only kiss me if you mean it, so from the beginning I told her I would treat her so good no other man could compare. Now every love song I write is about her,” the artist revealed.

The singer, songwriter, proposed to Bunny in March and shared the proposal in a sweet Instagram reel with a caption, “If I write a song about you, you’ll live forever.”

The artist later commented “Now y’all know who ‘At My Worst’ was written about,” referring to his most-played track that spent 25 weeks on Billboard’s Hot R&B chart that also features Kehlani.

Pink Sweat$ is currently busy preparing for his Pink Moon Tour and he’s also giving us hints on his upcoming music we all can’t definitely wait.

Reactions to Pink Sweat$' Inspiration Behind His Songs

“Now every love song I write is about her” 😭 we love to see it

I was following both of you individually and when I found out you two were together I got SOOOO HAPPYYYYYY!!! omg! may y’all love continue to grow, prosper, and elevate!! 💜💜

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