Ashley Tisdale's Music Return

Will Ashley Tisdale Release a New Music?

Ashley Tisdale shared her current plans regarding her possible music return.

The 36-year-old singer uncovered in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE that she hasn’t had the desire for music yet. “I don’t know if it’s the timing yet, but maybe eventually. Never say never.”

“It’s just like I need to be like: ‘Okay I’m ready and I know what this is and I know what I want to say.’ And if I have nothing to say, I’m just not going to do it just to do it, you know?”, she clarified.

Ashley Tisdale is now a new mom after she gave birth to her first child with Christopher French, named Jupiter Iris.
She may be unable to return to the music industry for the time being, however, singing is still at her heart as she and her better half continue to sing to their little girl. She also shared that their daughter wants to listen to Pink instead and surprisingly, the mother’s favorite artist has consistently been Pink.

“You know what’s crazy is my daughter loves Pink, who is my favorite artist. And I’m not kidding you, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ calms her down,” Tisdale says with a giggle.

“So, she could be hysterically crying in the car, and if you put on “Beautiful Trauma,” she stops crying. My husband did not believe me until it happened multiple times, and he was like, ‘This is wild.’ I was like, of all songs, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ is the one that calms her down. This is wild.”

In the same interview, Ashley Tisdale expressed her longing to be part of TV shows that are single-camera or dark comedy.

“I want to be in shows that I watch and that I know my audience is watching. And so, just something different,” she said. “As an actor, people just think of you as one way, especially when you’re really successful for. And it’s been years of me doing other things, but it’s still just breaking that idea and perception. You have to get out of your comfort zone and do different things.”

Reactions to Ashley Tisdale's Music Return

Fans will surely feel sad once they heard the news as they all have a request for the actress. Want to know what going on here? See this user’s tweet,

petition for @ashleytisdale to re-record he said, she said but make it explicit

Another user even said that they waited 10 years for Ashley’s last album.

“ not jumping back into music “ sis we waited 10 years for the last album so pls define not jumping back in @ashleytisdale

This fan here even included a funny meme, asking the singer to make more music.

[email protected] make more music like he said she said.

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