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Census Favors Republicans for 2022 Election


Will the House favor lead to the win of Republican candidates in the 2022 elections?

The results for the 2020 Census are out on Thursday showed that America becomes more diverse as the White population decreased. Whites, who made up 63.7% of the total population of America in 2010, go down to only 57.8%, as stated from the latest census — shrinking by about 6%. Other races in the United States include Hispanics and Asians, slightly grew more population in the country.

For the Democratic Party, the results might seem like an advantage – for the population in urban or metropolitan areas increased. In The Cook Political Report, “Democrats have to be pretty happy with today’s results,” told David Wasserman.

However, the Republicans might as well shake up the congressional map. It is important to note that the Republican Party may take over more power in America due to an increase in the seats in the House of Representatives. There will be two additional seats in Texas and one seat more for the following states: Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana.

Reactions to Republican Favor for Shifts of Seats in the House

In a tweet, a Twitter user proudly shared how Republican states have increased their population opposite to the Democrats.

#Tucker 2020 Census showed Republican states gained people and Dems states lost population.

Along with the increase in seats in the House of Representatives, a Twitter page points out that Phoenix, Arizona is the fifth-largest city in the US — a major advantage for Republicans in the upcoming 2022 election.

Phoenix is now the fifth-largest city in the US! According to the 2020 census, the population grew at a faster rate than any other major city in the country. If you are new to Arizona don't forget to register to vote Republican! #State48 #RedArizona

A cryptic tweet: “If one party can play, then so can the other.”

About damned time. If one party can play, then so can the other.

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