Rape and Enslavement: Women Suffer After Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Exit


Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit results in rape, sexual assault, and other heinous crimes on Afghan women — a nightmare they hoped to escape.

Afghanistan seems to be reverting to its traditional customs and values under the Taliban rule. While this may be nothing serious for men, the occurring signs and proclamations of preserving the traditional Islamic way of life place a heavy burden on women.

Under the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, women must strictly adhere to several rules, including covering themselves from head to toe. In addition, working and attending school is not allowed. They are even prohibited from leaving the house without a male relative who is accompanying them. Simply put, the liberty and rights of Afghan women are being compromised.

When you thought Taliban threatening women is cruel, think again. Under any circumstance in which the mentioned rules are violated, they will be subjected to inhumane punishments. The violator may be severely beaten, stoned to death, and even beheaded.

However, if there is anything worse than death, women would say it’s being violated helplessly — a common occurrence now in Afghanistan. After President Joe Biden turned his back from the country, the Taliban shamelessly raped women and even have the guts to force them into marriage. Although their honor and dignity were sacrificed, women could not do anything but oblige because an unmarried woman engaging in sexual activity is against Islamic law.

With these unfortunate events, Afghan women were enveloped in fear. “I am afraid I will be kidnapped, imprisoned and, raped for being a soldier. I am afraid for my future and for my family,” Kubra Behroz, a 33-year-old woman soldier, told UK Telegraph. “They say the Taliban will cut off our heads if they find us,” she further added.

Does President Joe Biden realize the consequences of his actions, or was he deaf to the pleas of innocent women seeking help?

Reactions to Afghan Women Being Raped and Sexually Assaulted

The failure of Biden seems to fuel anger among many people. Take this Twitter user, for instance, who stressed that girls as young as 12 years old are subjected to forced marriage.

The Biden Debacle #IMPEACHBIDENNOW "Concerned ?? Taliban are forcing girls as young as 12 to be given to them for marriage. They’re painting over mural images of women that have been in Kabul today. They are telling women to not return to their jobs??? Concerned

For this user, Biden’s words appear to be all lies as there was no immediate response from the President.

Biden says he will negotiate for Afghan women in the future Young girls are being given to soldiers TODAY #IMPEACHBIDENNOW

In light of the increasing number of Afghan women and children reported to be murdered, Biden’s actions against women were dubbed ‘disgusting.’

Biden's Actions Against Women Is Disgusting...Now, Includes The Murder Of Women And Children In Afghanistan By The Taliban. #BidenOwnsAfghanistanMassacre #KabulHasFallen #ImpeachBidenNow

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