Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes Engaged

Sophia Bush Shows Off Her Engagement Ring After Saying “Yes” To Fiancé Grant Hughes

During their heartfelt escape to Italy, Grant Hughes asked for Sophia’s hands.
Sophia Bush announced her engagement to Hughes on social media last week. It is an image of her now-life partner getting down on one knee as he proposed to her on a boat in Lake Como.

“So it turns out that being your favorite person’s favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet Earth 💫 #YES,” she wrote in the caption.

Grant Hughes also posted a photo with a caption, “She is my forever Favorite. This is my favorite. And our life is that we’re building because she said ‘Yes’ is already my favorite. I am SO EXCITED to do life with you, my love.” He expressed his gratitude as well toward the group behind him who executed the said proposal.

Presently, Sophia Bush shared a romantic selfie with Hughes taking a plunge in a pool on her Instagram and it showed her engagement ring. She inscribed the photograph, “Leaning into this happiness.”

She also continued with a sweet message to people who may see her post, “I am deeply aware that joy is not an option for so many around the world in this moment. Clinging to gratitude right now because today it is an option for me. I wish this — in whatever version feels true for anyone who might see this — for you. Yes you.”

“I wish you joy. Love. The feeling of being seen. Of being safe. Of being held. Of falling asleep with a smile on your face. All my love to you. In these wild times. All of the good squeeze kind. All of ours.”

The couple’s relationship started as friends, revealed by Grant on his Instagram after he posted a set of pictures including one with Sofia with an ending caption, “And somehow through all this I found my person @sophiabush. She was in my life as a friend for 8 years and the pandemic forced us to slow down and stay in one place long enough to realize what I’d been looking for all along was closer than I could have known”

Reactions to Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes' Engagement

lean into the joy, the love, the gratitude and zoom in on the absolute beauty of @SophiaBush’s 💍 this post makes my heart feel all the joy for Soph and the absolute happiness that is she radiating and living in. we all deserve to grab those moments when we can especially now🤍🥰

Sophia Bush getting engaged at 39 reminds me that it’s ok to wait for my Grant Hughes instead of settling for a Chad Michael Murray. I got nothing but time. 🥰

I saw Sophia Bush trending and I was nervous she didn’t bathe 🥴 thank God she’s just engaged!

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