Syesha and Tyron Will Take Legal Actions

Syesha Mercado And Tyron Deneer Will Continue Their Fight To Regain Custody Of Their Two Children

The former “American Idol” star and her partner, Tyron Deener held a virtual press conference on Tuesday about losing guardianship of their children.
Last Wednesday, a judge issued an order for authorities to pick up the couple’s newborn daughter and have been placed in the care of Child Protective Services. The couple recorded the incident on video which was posted on Instagram and has acquired more than 3 million views.

You can hear Syesha begging, “How could you guys do this? Do you not feel anything?”

“My baby is days old and you’re taking my baby away from me. You’re taking my baby away from me. You have no heart. This is so wrong.”

The incident came quite recently after their oldest kid was taken from their consideration by the Florida Department of Children and Families on March 11. The CPS claimed that the couple wouldn’t offer their child a B12 shot. “We never refused a B12 shot, and at no point was he on the verge of death.”

At the recent news conference, Mercado broke down in tears, “I am a first-time mom and I’ve been deprived of holding my babies and feeding my babies.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“I didn’t get to see Ra say mama for the first time. I didn’t get to see my babies meet for the first time. I didn’t get to see that, and I can’t go back and redo that moment. I will never be able to go back and redo that moment.”

“I’m just missing out on so many precious moments. This is such a precious time,” the artist proceeded. “I feel my daughter. I feel when she’s hungry and know when she’s crying. And I can’t do anything. She’s not here with me.”

Mercado and Deneer said they were prepared to take legal action. The parents also thanked supporters who tried bringing issues to light about their case.

Reactions to Syesha Mercado and Tyron Deneer Fight to Regain Custody to Their Two Children

People are on this fight with Syesha Mercado and Tyner Deneer. They haven’t stop being the voice for them and continue to show their support.

This was really helpful for me, to watch and learn. Please watch and share. If there are resources on how to help support and amplify Syesha Mercado, pls let us know so we can share and support her. ❤️

As we do all we can to support Syesha Mercado and Tyron Deener fight to get their babies back from CPS immediately, here’s a book for the longer fight

The Syesha Mercado situation shows CPS repeatedly fails to help actual children in need and why I fear having children in the US as a black woman.

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