Biden's Approval Rating Drop by 7% After Afghanistan Fall

Biden’s Approval Rating Drop by 7% After Afghanistan Fall


A seven percent decrease in the approval rating puts Biden at the bottom of his political career.

The world has witnessed how Taliban fighters have seized numerous cities, including Kabul and eventually the rest of Afghanistan, which has resulted in a series of unfortunate events. As the country’s defeat came much faster than expected, the Taliban are likely to celebrate their success. Yet, it was the exact opposite for Afghans, Americans, and for Joe Biden’s reputation particularly.

On Friday, Biden obtained a 53% approval rating based on a Reuters/Ipsos poll. However, another conducted Reuters/Ipsos poll on August 16, Monday, revealed a piece of terrible news for the president. Biden only got a 46% approval rating – the lowest after holding the office in January.

The 7% decline was due to America’s chaotic exit on Afghanistan and other interrelated issues such as the mounting death toll, deprivation of women’s rights and freedom, and the abandonment of approximately 15,000 Americans in the country.

Frank Luntz, a veteran Republican pollster, asserts that leaving the Americans in Afghanistan is comparable to the horrible Iranian hostage incident under Jimmy Carter regime in 1979 – tolling his chance of re-election – and the political career of Biden will only reckon by the Taliban. “It’s really up to what the Taliban decides to do. But based on past history, I’m not optimistic about the future,” says Luntz.

Does the misery of Biden’s political career a sign of his imminent downfall?

Reactions to Biden's Low Approval Rating

On a tweet, someone expressed relief to Biden’s “incompetence” finally being recognized after seven months at his post.

Biden’s Approval Rating Craters At the seven-month mark of his presidency, Joe Biden’s incompetence is beginning to be noticed.

A pro-Republican Twitter page says that Washington, under the jurisdiction of a Democrat, is an “utter failure” due to different crises such as economic, crime, border, and the Middle East.

Joe Biden's approval rating dropped by 7 percentage points and hit its lowest level so far. ➡️economic crisis ➡️crime crisis ➡️border crisis ➡️Middle East crisis Democrat-controlled Washington is an utter failure.

On the other hand, a user insists that the “real” approval rating of Biden is lower than reported and says it is “probably around 30%.”

Joe Biden 's real approval rating is probably around 30%

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