Rest in Peace, Francis 'Frankie' Mossman

Spartacus: Blood And Sand Actor Francis ‘Frankie’ Mossman Was Found Dead

Francis ‘Frankie’ Mossman was found dead in his Australia home over the weekend.

Francis’ recent Instagram post was captioned, “Who knew this boy would endure so much pain.” His passing was reported on Saturday by a few LGBTQ sites.

The family dropped a statement to the Daily Mail Australia that the entertainer has been battling during the COVID lockdown, clarified he had been not able to work  and the drawn-out time alone permitted ‘old scars and injury from secondary school’ to reemerge.

Paul Layton who likewise featured in the web series The Horizon, close to Mossman, posted on his Facebook a couple of pictures and composed, “Oh, my boy, my sweetest of friends. It makes my heart hurt so much to hear you passed away.”

“This world doesn’t seem as bright without you in it. I wish I was there for you more. We would always see each other on the street, all the time, just bump into each other and my life was always better because of it.”

He added, “Sometimes it felt like we found each other in the dark of all this. I think I’ll look for you in crowds for the rest of my life, old friend. If there’s an afterlife, I hope it’s filled with tables so I can throw you on them and have my way with you for all of time!”

“Sending my love to your family and friends and if anyone needs to reach out, please don’t hesitate, please talk to someone, anyone. If you’re reading this, I love you, and hope you’re doing OK.”

His brothers Laurence and Jeremy also posted tributes to their big brother, as did his mother, May. The family also requests everyone to respect their privacy at this time and thank all those who cherished and respected Francis for their thoughtful encouraging statements of love and support.

Reactions to Francis 'Frankie' Mossman Passing

May you rest in peace, Francis. Our thoughts are with his family and friends and all who knew him.

Reading about Francis Mossman, and I want to reiterate the importance of looking after young actors, especially after they finish a role. This includes how we talk about them as fans online.

If you or anyone is struggling please just reach out to someone. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Frankie played the character Vitus in Spartacus: Vengeance. May he rest in peace!

With the tragic news of the death of Syd actor Francis Mossman Thoughts with family 24/7 crisis @LifelineAust 13 11 14 #LGBTQI peer support 1800 184 527 Entertainment industry support @Entertainassist Suicide 1st aid skills @LivingWorksAus Media guides @MindframeMedia

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