Alice Ripley Denies Allegation Once Again

Alice Ripley Continues To Deny Grooming Allegations

Alice Ripley replied again to “grooming” accusations from four former fans.

Broadway star Alice Ripley apologizes to fans for their “misinterpretations” of interactions they had with her and unequivocally denies the grooming accusations.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The said accusation began with a viral TikTok video in which a lady named Brie Lynn guaranteed Alice prepped her as a kid. From that point onward, three ladies approached with similar allegations against her.

Ripley said then in an explanation after the initial claim, “Recently, a claim has been made online against me. There’s absolutely no validity to any of it. I appreciate everyone’s continued support.”

An accuser named “Liz” disclosed to The Daily Beast that she was one of the young ladies who saw Ripley as a mother figure, however, accepts the star exploited her weakness.

“What Alice does, whether she is consciously doing it or subconsciously doing it, is she knows how to sense where you are vulnerable and where you are desperate for love and attention, and she just goes for it.”

“For me, I was very much looking for an older sister, even like a mother-type figure. So that’s kind of what she was for me,” Liz said.

Now, Alice spoke again and told Page Six, “It is a misinterpretation of my actions to say I manipulated anyone, and more shockingly, that there was abuse yet here we are on this slippery slope, because terms like ‘grooming’ are being thrown around …”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“To be accused of this most vile thing, of which I am innocent, is crushing.”

Ripley describes her interactions with such fans as a fast ‘hi’ at the stage entryway or seeing people in her dressing room for a few minutes prior or after the show adding that “on rare occasions,” she would “have a quick meal” with one.

“It’s now clear that a few of these fans had their feelings badly hurt because they received attention and then they felt ‘ghosted, and I truly apologize for that.”

She also explained what grooming means, “refers to sexual abuse of a minor, which is the most despicable act imaginable. It implies that I wanted something or asked for something, and that is not true.”

Reactions to Alice Ripley Denying Grooming Allegations

this “apology” is absolutely horrid. she literally admitted to the actions, yet still denies she did anything wrong, and seems to be trying to make herself the victim. continue holding alice ripley accountable for her actions. this is not okay.

#AliceRipley 's statement in response to accusations of emotional predation by several queer youth is incredibly immature & disturbing. Are you in 8th grade, lady?

@RIPLEYTHEBAND So your apology is trash. You admit you had interactions with these young girls (even though you deny any wrong doing) but you still admit you talked to them with their ages and your age you were the adult! Just admit what you did was wrong.

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