Biden Still Attempts to Save Face Despite Afghanistan Dilemma


Biden and his administration turn to deceptive, sugar-coated speeches in a desperate attempt to save a presidency imploding under the weight of Biden’s tragic faults.

Despite the controversial Afghanistan withdrawal that placed thousands of American and Afghan lives at risk, the President stands firm to cover up his mistakes through a sugar-coated speech. “We’re going to do everything, everything we can to provide safe evacuation,” U.S. President Joe Biden said in his speech at the White House on Friday pertaining to the evacuation of American citizens who remain in the abandoned country.

“Let me be clear: Any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.”

These promises of Biden and his team seemed like an abstract plan. It wasn’t described clearly how thousands of American citizens, as well as Afghan men and women, could be evacuated from Afghanistan.

Former Special Operations Army Ranger Matthew Griffin, who served three terms in Afghanistan, told Fox News that Biden’s address was “a bunch of diplomatic catchphrase bingo.

“We have burned every bridge that we have built over the last 20 years,” Griffin also told Fox News. “We unplugged our assets and embarrassed ourselves on such a global level. I don’t know how anybody could trust us.”

Griffin expressed his disbelief on Biden’s latest speech as he told Fox News: “It is absolutely astounding.”

“There has to be incompetency at some level,” Griffin added.

Reactions to Biden's Latest Speech

Someone emphasized that Biden was ‘never clear’ and demands to know about the plan of the president and his administration on how they will rescue the Americans in Afghanistan.

Again you are NEVER clear! Let’s hear the plan on how you are going to retrieve Americans outside the wire! The world is watching.

Another citizen claims no American would want to live in a Taliban-ruled country. She would also rather be rescued by the British and French troops and claims that America has become a ‘laughing stock’.

Any American that WANTS to come home …….? I don’t know any Americans that would want to stay. If I were there I’d be looking for the British or French to get me out. Not Joe! We are the laughing stock of the world. And Joe Biden gets full credit for that! @POTUS

On the other hand, someone said that Biden has done ‘nothing useful’ during his seven months in office.

You have done nothing, nothing useful for 7 months. It’s best you just retreat to your safe space.

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