House Republicans Mandate Biden Administration to Report Total Cost of U.S. Equipment in Taliban's Possession After Chaotic Exit

House Republicans Mandate Biden Administration to Report Total Cost of U.S. Equipment in Taliban’s Possession After Chaotic Exit

There seems to be no way out for Biden and his administration as Americans raise a question about U.S. military equipment held by the Taliban.

As Republicans plan on forcing Biden to disclose the total amount of American equipment the Taliban has been able to obtain after the withdrawal, U.S. President Joe Biden is once again facing never-ending distress over his decision to leave Afghanistan under the care of the Taliban fighters.

Republican House Armed Services Committee members told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Wednesday that they intend to have a bill ready for the upcoming full committee markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in September, ordering Biden and his administration to determine how much weapons, aircraft, armored vehicles, and other U.S. equipment were in Taliban hands.

“The Biden–Harris administration has failed to provide an accounting of U.S. equipment now in the hands of the Taliban,” Armed Services Ranking Member Mike Rogers told in a statement to DCNF. “Republican Members on the Armed Services Committee demand to know this information, and we plan to offer legislation at our markup to require the Biden–Harris administration to detail what they have lost to the Taliban.”
The Pentagon declined to respond to questions regarding the issue. On Wednesday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley stated that he “preferred not to discuss” course of actions regarding the seized U.S. military equipment. Meanwhile, officials estimate that the Taliban may have around 2,000 vehicles and 40 aircraft, including drones, according to Reuters.

Reactions to the Bill Requiring Biden to Disclose How Much U.S. Equipment Seized by Taliban

A citizen is happy to know that the Republicans will be proposing a bill meant to force Biden about the country’s seized equipment.

Ooooooo! Everyone watch out. The GOP is going to introduce a bill.

Someone said the bill is already late and calls for the Republicans to draft articles for Biden’s impeachment.

Too late now @HouseGOP Draft articles of Impeachment now.

This user spreads the good news on Twitter.

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans To Propose Bill Forcing Biden Administration To Reveal How Much US Weaponry Taliban Seized During Takeover | The Daily Caller

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