_Zoey 101_ Star Alexa Nikolas Sued Michael Milosh

“Zoey 101” Star Alexa Nikolas Sues Ex-Husband Michael Milosh


Alexa Nikolas who played as Nicole Bristow on the Nickelodeon series “Zoey 101”, claimed that her musician ex-husband groomed her when she was a minor and manhandled her throughout the span of their marriage.

According to a court document obtained by PEOPLE, “Milosh, 45, allegedly “utilized his power of authority and seniority over [Nikolas], as well as years of sexual grooming of [Nikolas] as a minor child, to manipulate her into trusting him. Upon gaining her trust, Defendant Milosh terrorized, sodomized, and abused [Nikolas] as part of his continuous conduct aimed at satisfying his prurient and economic desires.”

She filed the complaint at Los Angeles court on Wednesday, August 25, six years after the couple separated.

The claim was documented five months after Alexa, presently remarried and a mother of one, first definite a portion of her charges against her ex in a five-section Instagram essay titled “Groomed by the Groom.”

The actress states in her complaint that she wants to “seek justice for the years of emotional, sexual, psychological and financial torture” she allegedly suffered at Michael’s hands.

The records further document obtained by TMZ stated how Alexa met the musician. She says everything began when she contacted him on MySpace when she was 16.

She guarantees that she didn’t expect an answer, but the musician replied almost immediately. He was 33 at the time. She likewise expressed their correspondence immediately turned out to be sexually explicit.

They finally met in person right after she turned 18 when she claims Michael sexually assaulted her after he “digitally began penetrating [her] in her anus.” She asserts she advised him to stop yet he rejected.

PEOPLE has reached out to Michael’s management, as well as lawyers for Alexa, for comment.

Reactions to “Zoey 101” Star Alexa Nikolas Sues Ex-Husband Michael Milosh

@alexanikolas__ yeah. I’m not buying what you’re selling. U reach out to a guy, he responds, u back/forth until you’re an adult. You meet and start a relationship & get married. NOW it’s “I was groomed, assaulted & coerced”. Nah, that’s dumb af. He may be shitty, but u walk away!

The case of Alexa Nikolas should be talked about! She was treated horribly by Milosh! He’s disgusting as hell. He gr00med for the age of 16

I really liked your music 🙁 So shitty to know the music that got me through such a difficult time was made by a pedophile. What 33 year old is attracted to a 15 year old? Disgusting.

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