Leaked Verizon Documents Expose Unreal Social Justice Training

Leaked Verizon Documents Expose Unreal Social Justice Training


Leaked Verizon Documents Expose Unreal Social Justice Training

Whistleblower documents reveal how the telecommunications giant Verizon is using its “social justice” curriculum to advocate for defunding the police and other controversial leftist propaganda.

Verizon’s pernicious agenda of pushing “systemic racism, white privelege, and intersectionality” on its employees was exposed by researcher Christopher F. Rufo through a Twitter post on Wednesday backed with documents that he purportedly obtained from a whistleblower.

According to Rufo, the company’s training modules called “Race & Social Justice” and “Conscious Inclusion & Anti-Racism” promote controversial ideas associated with critical race theory, along with advocacies to defund the police.

Rufo also disclosed the official company worksheet, which the employees are instructed to answer by deconstructing their race, gender, religion, education, profession, and sexual orientation.

The employees are then asked to classify their position in the “privilege” hierarchy, which will determine if they must engage in a lifelong process of “accountability with marginalized individuals.”

How did Verizon suddenly go from “don’t put a label on me” to answer this questionnaire to find out exactly where on this social justice table you belong?

This also leaves the question of whether the company is truly training its employees in “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “anti-racism” or the exact opposite.

Furthermore, in an “anti-racism” education series of the company, Professor Khalil Muhammad spoke about America being a fundamentally racist nation filled with “systems of racism” and implied that modern-day slavery still occurs today in the form of corporations “exploiting poor people in low-income communities.”

Muhammad then criticized the police force, saying that police officers perpetuate systemic racism by reinforcing inequalities in what he described as America’s “two-tier society.”

“They make sure that kids are locked up, if they misbehave in school, they make sure that people stay in their communities, they make sure that they’re criminalizing poverty, because wealth is really the greatest protection in America, against exploitation,” Muhammad claimed.

Verizon hosted activist Adrian Burrell also voiced her advocacy of defunding the police and “bringing more resources to the community” instead of a ‘broken system’ to avoid “over-policing,” which she claims “doesn’t work.”

Rufo then fired another tweet, calling out Verizon’s integrity to their corporate slogan, “Built Right.”

“If Verizon executives want to live up to it, they should scrap their anti-racism program,” Rufo concluded.

Reactions to Verizon's Racist Practices

Makes me feel sick 🥵🤢

So let’s nationalize Verizon.

I will not stay with #Verizon

Thread. @Verizon racist psychos. Quote Tweet

The insanity is appalling..🤯🤯

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