Sarah Paulson Regrets In Playing As Linda Tripp

Sarah Paulson Shared Her Regrets In Playing As Linda Tripp


Sarah Paulson laments portraying Linda Tripp in “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

The Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actress who is known to doing incredible lengths to get into character is getting hauled for wearing a fat suit, and that it ought to have gone to somebody with Tripp’s body type.
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“It’s very hard for me to talk about this without feeling like I’m making excuses,” she said to The Los Angeles Times during their meeting this week.

“There’s a lot of controversy around actors and fat suits, and I think that controversy is a legitimate one. I think fat phobia is real. I think to pretend otherwise causes further harm,” she proceeded and adding that it is a vital discussion to be had.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The actress continued, “But that entire responsibility I don’t think falls on the actor for choosing to do something that is arguably — and I’m talking about from the inside out — the challenge of a lifetime.”

“I do think to imagine that the only thing any actor called upon to play this part would have to offer is their physical self is a real reduction of the offering the actor has to make.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“I would like to believe that there is something in my being that makes me right to play this part. And that the magic of hair and makeup departments and costumers and cinematographers that has been part of moviemaking, and suspension of belief since the invention of cinema. Was I supposed to say no?” she added.

She then, at that point conceded how she “regrets not thinking about it more fully” and not doing the same mistake twice by thinking and reflecting about it. “I also know it’s a privileged place to be sitting and thinking about it and reflecting on it, having already gotten to do it, and having had an opportunity that someone else didn’t have.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

“You can only learn what you learn when you learn it. Should I have known? Abso-f—ing-lutely. But I do now. And I wouldn’t make the same choice going forward.”

The “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” where you can watch Sarah Paulson depict Linda Tripp will be head on September 7 at 10 p.m. on FX.

Reactions to Sarah Paulson Portraying Linda Tripp

@coledelbyck let actors like Sarah Paulson ACT ! Is it really “news” she wore a fat suit to portray Linda Tripp?

She makes a LOT of excuses for herself in this piece. Doesn’t sound like she understands why what she did is wrong nor the breadth of fatphobia, AT ALL.

No. You did ur job. Above and beyond. We need to stop trying to be perfect in every decision. U r the BEST most qualified actor 4 the role. #sarahpaulson #actors

Yes queen, let fat people play these roles !!!!! Excited for impeachment but disappointed in this fatphobic trope STILL being used

Had she gained weight for the role, everyone would have attacked her methods, yall Mfers and I mean this generation get triggered over the dumbest shit

Really? Ppl need to really chill the fuck out. It’s called acting. Not everything requires a work moment 🙄

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