Owens Denied of COVID Test by Aspen Lab, Calls it Discrimination and Racism

Owens Denied of COVID Test by Aspen Lab, Calls it Discrimination and Racism


Conservative author and The Daily Wire host Candace Owens felt discriminated against when Aspen Laboratories in Colorado denied her request for a test due to her political beliefs.

“[A] COVID testing facility [is] REFUSING to administer a test to me because they don’t like my politics. INSANE. I’m banned from making sure I don’t accidentally spread Covid?” she wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Owens openly advocates against mandatory vaccinations and has shared that her personal decision of declining the vaccine entails that she complies with regular COVID testing.

“I probably have gotten [about] 50 COVID tests since the beginning of this pandemic…just to paint a picture of how willing I am to get a COVID test,” she shared in a video posted on Instagram.

According to Owens, she booked for a COVID test in Aspen, Colorado, under her married name, Candace Farmer, and was later informed through an email by the COVID testing facility that she was “denied service” because her political belief does not align with theirs.

“I take a look at the email, and it is literally the biggest heap of virtue-signaling crap that I have ever seen in my life,” Owens remarked.

She then read the content of the said email and her response during the said video and later posted it on Instagram and Twitter.

“This pandemic is so real and so deadly that COVID facilities are now googling the names of people who book Covid tests to ensure they vote for Biden,” Owens further sarcastically remarked in an Instagram post.

Owens also compared this action by the Aspen Laboratories to Jim Crow-era racial discrimination suffered by Black Americans, implying that the owner of the said laboratory is racist.

“Maybe Suzanna [the owner of the COVID facility] is racist. The last time a White Democrat denied a black person service and said, ‘I don’t like your thoughts and ideas,’ we were in the Jim Crow era. But here we are,” Owens stated.

In another Twitter post on Friday, Owens shared an update that the situation is now brought to the attention of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Reactions to Discrimination and Racism Attributed to Owens' COVID Test Denial

#Discrimination “Dem Style”

Go get 'em, Candace!! 😄🙌

Hit em hard !

You go girl! These fascists need to be stopped!

Go get them Candace Owens They will Rue the day they turned you away

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