Two FDA Officials Leave Post Over Anger with Biden's Booster Plan

Two FDA Officials Leave Post Over Anger with Biden’s Booster Plan


Joe Biden clashes with the FDA after insisting on a booster plan that the agency had not studied, leading to resignations and causing a “mess” for his administration.

Two senior vaccine regulators of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) resigned in protest over the vaccine booster plan of the White House.

The two departing officials are Marion Gruber, Director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccine Research and Review (OVRR), and Phil Krause, the OVRR’s Deputy Director. They will leave their post in October and November, respectively.

The issue was discussed by Dr. Mark Siegel during an interview with Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. According to him, despite the FDA not having studied vaccines and boosters for children under 12 years old, the White House still announced the release of such vaccines earlier this month.

It’s a combination of things where the messaging is coming out of the White House and not of the FDA, and also out of the NIH with Tony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins has said, ‘Hey, we might have the vaccines for the 5 to 11 years old in a couple of months’ well, FDA hasn’t reviewed the data yet,” Siegel clarified.

“And with the boosters, the president himself said, ‘We’re going to get boosters in a month,’ and the FDA says, ‘Wait, we haven’t reviewed the data yet.'”

In addition, Siegel mentions: “There’s a lot of confusion [in FDA], there’s a lot of finger-pointing,” as Woodcock is reportedly “under attack” since she has only been appointed as the acting commissioner.

Afterward, Siegel stated that this issue was perceived as “a mess for the administration” at this moment.

Will the dispute between the White House and FDA ever be resolved?

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