Panic Sets in for Democrats as Republicans Take Over America’s Elections

Democrats feel threatened and terrified as Republicans seem to be on their way to conquering the nation. Thousands of Trump supporters are moving to influence and seize control of the Republican Party “precinct by precinct” — a movement Democrats are now calling “frightening.” This movement was initially galvanized by former White House chief strategist Steve […]

Democrats Say They Don’t Want Biden as their 2024 Presidential Candidate

Biden supporters seem to be fed up with the administration’s repeated failures, polls indicate. In a survey released by Emerson College on Friday, 47% said they would vote for former President Donald Trump if the context were the 2020 presidential election. Biden, on the other hand, won 46%, with the remaining respondents saying they want […]

Stanley Tucci Revealed He Was Diagnosed With Cancer

The “Hunger Games” actor discussed his past cancer diagnosis during his meeting with Vera magazine. Stanley at last opened up with regards to his experience fighting with malignant growth, subsequent to being determined to have a tumor at the base of his tongue. “It was too big to operate, so they had to do high-dose […]

Mark Ronson Has Married Grace Gummer, Daughter of Hollywood Star Meryl Streep

The couple have tied the knot not long after their engagement in May!Mark Ronson shares a lovely image of them close by genuine message in his Instagram post uncovering that the two are hitched. “To my truest love…out of nowhere, you made 45 hands down the greatest year of my life,” he composed. “And i’m […]

Drake Leaks Unreleased Kanye West’s “Donda” Track Ft. Andre 3000

This is truly going to be war again as Drake adds fuel to the fire, something that will, without a doubt, make Kanye West piss. Drake seems to have released an unreleased “Donda” track of Kanye West highlighting Andre 3000 named “Life Of The Party”, which obviously didn’t make the cut. “A few weeks ago, […]