Democrats Say They Don't Want Biden as their 2024 Presidential Candidate

Democrats Say They Don’t Want Biden as their 2024 Presidential Candidate


Biden supporters seem to be fed up with the administration’s repeated failures, polls indicate.

In a survey released by Emerson College on Friday, 47% said they would vote for former President Donald Trump if the context were the 2020 presidential election. Biden, on the other hand, won 46%, with the remaining respondents saying they want another candidate for the 2024 election.

Close to four in 10 Democrat respondents, or about 39% of them, desire another Democrat for the presidency.

Similarly, a RealClearPolitics poll projects disaster for Biden’s administration and political career following his decision of chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, a decline in America’s economy, and border issues, among others. More than 45% favored the job approval rating poll — which was already down by 4% and the lowest among his ratings — but a more significant percentage were not in favor, with 49%.

While the current administration fails, Trump, Biden’s close presidential rival, receives better news. 69% of the Republican Party prefers Trump to be their presidential candidate in 2024, which seems to be a huge advantage.

With Biden constantly losing support after the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which many regards as his worst failure, it is possible that his political career might end sooner rather than later.

Jim Jordan, a Republican Representative, has also hinted that Trump might run for president again, potentially further dividing the country. According to Jordan, the former president will announce his candidacy “any day now,” which makes everyone wondering: will Conservatives regain the throne soon?

If Democrats do not want Biden as president in 2024, will they vote for Trump instead?

Reactions to Democrats Not Favoring Biden as Their 2024 Presidential Candidate Paving the Way for Trump's Win

Beat him the 1st time too.... no audit ever will convince me Biden legit got 81 million votes

He already did


Trump won in 2020.

We know , he won 2020 ….so he would be winning a third time

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