Florida Doctor to Not Treat Unvaccinated Patients for their 'lack of selflessness'

Florida Doctor to Not Treat Unvaccinated Patients for their ‘lack of selflessness’


Dr. Lina Marraccini will refuse to treat COVID-19 positive patients if they are not vaccinated, thus violating the Hippocratic Oath. Is she being manipulated?

The South Miami primary care doctor Lina Marraccini seems to hold prejudice against patients who opposed vaccine mandates by refusing to treat any of them as she believed they pose a threat to the public’s health.

“This is a public health emergency – the health of the public takes priority over the rights of any given individual in this situation,” Marraccini wrote in a letter the NBC 6 obtained.

In her remarks, the Florida doctor emphasized how she perceived that those who refuse vaccinations are selfish for lacking concern. “It appears that there is a lack of selflessness and concern for the burden on the health and well-being of our society from our encounters.”

This then urged her to bend the oath she has vowed to uphold. “When it comes to the safety of others when it comes to the fact that it’s a global health problem and community health problem, at this point, I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me.”

Dr. Lina Marraccini of South Miami was the second physician to decline unvaccinated patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with Dr. Jason Valentine of Alabama, the state that has the lowest vaccination rates, they turned their backs on their duty as doctors.

On October 1, Valentine will not be attending to the unvaccinated patients, while Marraccini will begin immediately on September 15 with an exception.

She wrote: “If any of our patients have a valid medical reason for not having the vaccine or have their first shot by September 15, please let us know.”

Valentine, on the other hand, wrote: “We do not yet have any great treatments for severe disease, but we do have great prevention with vaccines,” insisting on the efficacy of the shots despite the patient’s refusal.

This news received numerous reactions from social media users, both positive and negative. For example, one Twitter user wrote, “Good on ya Doctor. Close all the doors to these lying morons.” Another user seemed to share the same sentiment, writing, “Good hope they all start doing this!!!”

On the other hand, again, there are also some adverse reactions about this, just as this third Twitter user that wrote, “So much for their oath to do no harm.” Another user even voiced that this doctor should be sued, saying, “As a doc, you’re supposed to treat anyone who comes to you. Friend or foe, Vaccinated or not. This doc should be sued.” You can see more reactions below.

Reactions to Florida Doctor Refusal to Treat Unvaccinated Patients

If you can't treat patients equally then you shouldn't be a doctor!

Where’s the Hippocratic Oath?

Segregation we are here !

Well is he even a doctor then?

Sounds like this doctor needs to lose their license to practice medicine.

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