New Yorkers Enraged at de Blasio Over Ida Flooding, say they ‘blame the mayor’


Hurricane Ida’s aftermath sparks fury among New York City residents, who blame Mayor Bill de Blasio and Representative AOC for the absolute “no warning.”

NYC experiences flash floods after Ida whipped through last week, but Democratic officials, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and City Mayor Bill de Blasio chose to place the blame on climate change rather than admitting their lack of preparedness for the storm.


On Monday, de Blasio and AOC with Senator Charles Schumer and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell toured around Woodside. An interview with Danette Rivera, 47, a resident, was carried out shortly after the officials visited.

“I don’t blame climate change, I blame the mayor,” Rivera vented her frustration on de Blasio.

According to her, the city officials failed to inform them about the situation, which she regarded as a threat to her life. “There was absolutely no warning. I wasn’t expecting water from my own drain to be the one that’s going to kill me,” she said with a shaky voice.

Danette Rivera still had bruises on her arms and stomach after she was pushed out of a basement window by her son when it filled with water.

“This is a nightmare. A disaster,” said Rivera.

The 47-year-old hurricane victim also recounts how her home was flooded in 2008, during which the city officials promised it would never occur again, but the history just repeated itself.

Meanwhile, another enraged Woodside resident named Julia Nieves, 77, demanded that the sewer be fixed. “Fix the sewer system…The catch basins don’t get cleaned often enough. The last time I saw them cleaned was five years ago,” Nieves told The Post.

During the hurricane, 13 people died, urging the residents to openly expressed their anger. In fact, one public school teacher yelled at Rep. AOC: “How come you’re not in this community? You don’t give a s**t!”

What will De Blasio, AOC, and other officials do to console New Yorkers after the disaster?

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Absolutely the worst mayor of my lifetime. He spent more time being political than actually managing the basic city functions. #disaster but ever generation elects one.

They just don’t care.

Yup. Should've been doing their job instead of talking fasting cows & going woke

I blame #AOC she has done nothing for #JacksonHeights #Woodside or #NYC waste of a vote! #NYCFlooding

Just absolutely horrifying that this happened to these residents… if you think what they must have experienced .. no excuse they weren’t made to leave.

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