University Bans Unvaccinated Student from Attending Virtual Classes

University Bans Unvaccinated Student from Attending Virtual Classes


Rutgers University denied a student from studying virtually for one reason: he is not vaccinated.

Student Logan Hollar from Rutgers University said he disregarded the school’s protocol for COVID-19 because his classes were all “remote.”

Although he is not planning to attend school physically, Rutgers advised him to get vaccinated. Since September 1, Hollar has been unable to attend classes; the University had warned him that the decision on his exception to vaccination might take weeks.

“I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university,” Hollar told

The student expressed his worry over how the University forces him to take the vaccine. “I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor,” he shared.

Hollar also stressed the importance of making individual choices: “If someone wants to be vaccinated, that’s fine with me, but I don’t think they should be pushed.”

Keith Williams, Hollar’s stepfather, was “dumbfounded” by the University’s bearing. “I believe in science, I believe in vaccines, but I am highly confident that COVID-19 and variants do not travel through computer monitors by taking online classes,” Williams told


According to his stepfather, the University’s insistence defeats the purpose of Hollar for taking the remote learning. “He chose to remove himself from an on-campus experience so he would not need to be vaccinated,” said Keith Williams.

He finds it deranged why Rutgers has to bar his son from learning, considering that COVID-19 is not transmitted virtually. “Now to be removed and shut down from his Rutgers email and online classes during the start of his senior year seems a bit crazy,” said Holland’s parent.

Dory Devlin, the University spokeswoman, asserted that Rutgers “provided comprehensive information and direction to students to meet vaccine requirements through several communications channels.”

Nevertheless, students “should expect a two-to four-week turnaround, during which time they will not have access to university systems,” she said.

As for the application that Hollar has submitted, Devlin declared: “Once it is processed and verified, students are allowed access to university systems.”


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Bars him from virtual classes? Makes zero sense if this is actually a health issue.

The stupidity bubble.

This might be the dumbest policy in America…so far😔

The story is so ridiculous it is infuriating that’s our world🤬🤬

#Rutgers rules are a mission that’s virtual impossible. #students #school #college #university #COVID19

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