Trump Commemorates 9/11 Anniversary In a Surprise Visit to NY Police and Firefighters

Trump Commemorates 9/11 Anniversary In a Surprise Visit to NY Police and Firefighters


Former President Donald Trump honors the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks in a surprise visit to NYC emergency departments.

  Former President Donald Trump visits NYPD | Via The New York Post

Trump’s unannounced appearance coincided with his condemnation of the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan under Joe Biden’s administration.

“It was gross incompetence, and I hate to talk about it on this day,” he said.

As he continued his remarks, the Former President shifted the subject and focused on the police and firefighters.

He commended the officers and told them, “if they let you do your job, you wouldn’t have crime in New York!”

The room erupted into laughter when Trump jokingly said, “Don’t nod, because if you do nod, you’ll get in trouble, okay?” and advised the crowd to “just stand and just be perfect.”

In the middle of the conversation, an officer asked whether Trump would consider running for New York City Mayor if he would not run for President. “I would love that! I’d say, ‘Fellas, good luck, go to town,” he responded.

According to Trump, crimes will be eradicated in just a week when he becomes the mayor of NYC.

“It’s hurting our city very badly,” he further noted.

Together with the former President, the group gathered for a photo opportunity as a reminder of the noteworthy event. He even jested about being infected by the COVID-19 virus: “I’m not catching anything from you. If I do, I’ll come back and blame you,” prompting the crowd to burst into laughter.

Before leaving the NYPD headquarter, Trump signed the station’s logbook and wrote, “I love you all!

Trump NYPD visit

Former President Donald Trump was also greeted by a group of officers outside the stationhouse, shaking hands and taking pictures with him.

Trump NYPD visit

Reactions to Trump Paying a Surprise Visit to NY Police and Firefighters on 9/11 Anniversary

For everyone asking #WhereIsTrump He spent 9/11 with the NYPD & the FDNY ♥️🇺🇸🙏

Love this. ❤️

There’s no way Trump lost legitimately Biden can’t attract enough people for an impromptu basketball match. Trump attracts the masses. No way he lost

Biden got booed

Te amo

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