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DeSantis to Impose Fine on Florida Cities and Counties Forcing Government Employees to Get Vaccinated


Governor Ron DeSantis announced Monday that the state of Florida will now impose a $5,000 fine on cities and counties for each government employee that is forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We are going to stand for the men and women who are serving us. We are going to protect Florida jobs,” DeSantis stated during his speech in Alachua County.

The Governor stressed that Florida would remain defiant to any government mandate concerning vaccines. “We are not gonna let people be fired because of a vaccine mandate,” he said.

The penalty imposed by DeSantis aims to condemn U.S. President Joe Biden for urging the Labor Department last week to mandate businesses and companies with more than 100 employees choose whether their workers will get vaccinated or be tested weekly for the virus.

This requirement will impact over 80 million workers in private sector businesses with 100+ employees,” Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated.

In response to these unjust government policies, DeSantis decided to step up and has once again demonstrated empathy toward his constituents.

“You don’t just cast aside people who have been serving faithfully over this issue, over what’s basically a personal choice on their individual health,” he said, emphasizing that everyone has the right to choose whether they would submit or refuse the vaccine mandates.

“We cannot let these folks be cast aside. We cannot allow their jobs to be destroyed,” he further said.

Governor Ron DeSantis’ stance on mandatory vaccinations was supported by the majority of Florida residents, praising him for imposing fine on anyone who will deprive their right to choose. Americans from different states also wish to relocate to Florida for the said policy.

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$5000 fine for imperialistic mandates!


Bien por DeSantis

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