‘It’s a bribe’: Trump Blasts Obama, Bush, Clinton For Funding Afghan Refugees and Putting the U.S. Behind


Donald Trump questioned fellow former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton over billions of dollars fund for Afghan refugees, said, “what about our country?”

In a phone call interview by Newsmax TV, Trump made a tirade of criticisms against Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton for their efforts to provide billions of dollars on refugees in Afghanistan, seemingly neglecting and placing the country at an economic disadvantage.

“I support America, and I just heard that they are giving billions and billions of dollars – $10 billion to Afghanistan. Think of it on top of the $85 billion worth of the best military equipment ever purchased anywhere in the world. They’re giving $10 billion now in aid to Afghanistan. They’re giving– I think I heard 64 million dollars a day,” said Trump.

The Former President went on to further prove his point and dropped the burning question: “What about our country? Where do we get this kind of money?”

According to him, the United States has already contributed “32 trillion dollars in a very short period of time,” noting that economists regarded that as a “very important number.”

Trump also brought up the recent disastrous pullout that resulted in many casualties, claiming that the billions of dollars fund might just be a way for the government to save faces after the mess they made in Afghanistan.

“It’s such a sad thing when you look at what’s going on over there, so they’re going to give them 10 billion because it’s a bribe. They want to bribe them into behaving because they have been totally disgraced by their withdrawal – a withdrawal like no other,” said Trump.

“Nobody had ever paid 85 billion dollars worth of equipment when they left. There has never been a withdrawal like that,” he pointed out.

After almost twenty years of turmoil between the U.S. and Afghanistan, Trump calls for an apology from the 43rd president of the United States, George Bush.

“President Bush should apologize to the people of our country,” he demanded.

Reactions to Trump Blasting Obama, Bush, Clinton Over Funding Afghan Refugees and Putting the U.S. Behind

Raising funds for Afghan refugees while Americans are sleeping on the streets. Democrats are disgusting!

I’m with Trump! #AmericaFirst and it’s our hard earned tax $$. It’s our money!

Trump is the HERO..always America 1st

I support America!!

Trumpism is here to stay #Trump2024