Vaccine Mandates Are Futile; Data Shows COVID-19 Survival Rate Is High Among All Age Groups


Forcing the public to take vaccinations seems unnecessary as statistics reveal a high survival rate for COVID-19 among all ages.

The recent executive orders issued by President Joe Biden requiring vaccination for federal employees and contractors sparked controversy in the United States. About 100 million Americans will be covered by the mandate, leaving no room to resist.

Together with their employees, large employers must adhere to the new set of guidelines laid by the government. Accordingly, they will be forced to choose between vaccination or weekly testing; otherwise, they might lose their jobs.

However, does the public have to really comply?

Data provided by the United Kingdom Government revealed a high survival rate for COVID-19 across all age groups. A person aged 0-59 has an almost 100% survival rate, 60-74 has more than 90 percent survival, and everyone over 75 has more than 60 to 80 percent chance to overcome the virus.

Additionally, the chart includes the number of cases reported in England between January 30, 2020, and September 9, 2021. The nearly two years of tallying have resulted in a great deal of hope that could positively impact Americans and the world at large.

With the six million cases in the UK, most infections occurred among those aged 20-24, with 660,256 cases reported. Meanwhile, the least number of infections occurs among those over the age of 90, with estimated 73,000 patients.

There were 120,000 deaths reported in total, the majority of whom belong to the over-90 age bracket.

Reactions to Futile Vaccine Mandates as COVID-19 Survival Rates are High Among All Age Groups

Median COVID survival rate: 99.9%+.

Unhinged leftists who’ve been broken by media, politician, and “expert” panic porn continue to act in a psychotic. Polls show they think there’s like a 20% chance of hospitalization, for example.


18 months of shite because of shitebags!

In the 50-59 group, had covid for four days and recovered just fine. #HealthyImmuneSystem #NaturalImmunity

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