Lori Lightfoot to refund police

Even Far-Left Lori Lightfoot Wants to Refund Police


It took over a year of murders and shootings, but finally the left is realizing to refund the police

Last year, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slashed the police budget by $59 million with no plan on how to stop crime and violence, including shootings and murders.

It appears that the only thing on her mind was appeasing BLM and the cries from the far-left to defund the police.

She did what she thought was best for her image at the time… how quickly times have changed.

Now it appears she is changing her stance because she is up for re-election and having people murdered in her streets probably isn’t going to help her.

Refunding the Police to win Re-election in Chicago

Attorney and public activist Leo Terrell blasted the move by Lori Lightfoot:

This is a political stunt. As you said, she’s running for re-election. She cut the budget last year. She is a friend of Black Lives Matter. I can ask all of the viewers, what has Lori Lightfoot done to curb crime in the last two years, the summer riots, she’s done absolutely nothing. This is basically blood money. I’ll tell you right now, she turned down help from Donald Trump a couple years ago and all she is trying to do is kowtow to her political base. … Look, the Chicago police union gave her a vote of no confidence they turned their backs on her regarding Officer French who lost her life. She is no friend to police officers at all and you can ask the viewers what has she done to curb crime. Absolutely nothing.

Reactions to Lori Lightfoot Refunding Police

Just a reminder: in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago, there were 60 people shot this weekend, 7 fatally, including a 12yo boy. So far in 2021, over 3,100 people have been shot, a nearly 70% increase from 2019. In unrelated news, Lori spent most of last year trying to cut police budgets.

"Fifty-four people were shot, nine of them fatally, during the weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's (D) Chicago.

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