de Blasio Doesn’t Agree with AOC About Closing Rikers – Places Blame of Conditions at Rikers Away from Himself After Trying to Cover it Up


After failing to hide the distster that has become Rikers Islad, AOC demands its closure. de Blasio disagrees.

In response to AOC’s demand that Rikers be shutdown and prisoners released, de Blasio states that he disagrees during his daily press briefing:

“That’s not going to happen,” 

“I respect the Congress member and her colleagues who signed that letter, [but] couldn’t disagree with them more.”

“It’s not going to happen, it’s not the right way to handle things.”

de Blasio Does Not Care About His Mayoral Duties

Much like the president and VP not visiting the border, de Blasio chooses to ignore painfully obvious issues.

Repiblican nomineed for NYC mayor, Curtis Sliwa, thankfully has taken a stance for action in improving Rikers Island.

de Blasio Has Tried to Hide the Conditions of Rikers from the Public and Other Politicians

de Blasio tried to stop a tour of Rikers Island by state legislators.

He tried to postpone their visit (Daily News) by arguing that they don’t have the right to tour without making an appointment in advance. 

Who knows what and how he planned on changing anything during the days he could have postponed the visit.

Anyway, he failed.

Now The Issue is Public, de Blasio Points the Blame Elsewhere

In a last ditch attempt to avoid blame, de Blasio points the blame at the union.

De Blasio's apporach to Rikers crisis - letting things get horrific then taking slow late steps while blaming others & not bothering to go there himself - really is another apt encapsulation of his ~8 years.

As surprising as it is that de Blasio publicly disagreed with the popular AOC, what isn’t surprising is the inept ability to govern.

As long as there is a scapegoat, it will be used unfortunately.

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