California Fawn Forest Fire Suspect Tried to Boil Bear Urine

Looney Suspect of California Fawn Fire, Which Burned 8,500 Acres, “Tried to Boil Bear Urine to Drink”


Alexandra Souverneva, 30, claims that she tried to boil a puddle of bear water to drink because she was dehydrated

When she was seen walking out of the brush, she told firefighters that she was dehydrated. (Daily Mail)

She claims she saw a puddle of bear urine and tried to filter it. After unsuccessfully filtering it, she tried to boil it. 

She claims she wasn’t able to start a fire since the ground was wet, so she just drank the urine.

The story makes you wonder:

  1. Why anyone would tell that to another living person about your bear urine escapades?
  2. How do you identify a puddle of urine?
  3. Why didn’t the urine seep into the ground like human urine?

Anyway, workers claim to have seen her acting “strangely” near where the fire started. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean anything. since drinking bear urine is strange to most people, not just starting forest fires.

In all seriousness, the forest fire is a disaster. Many more homes are in danger. 

We pray that everyone makes it out safely and that justice is served.

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