NYC Schools Systemic and Institutional Racism

NYC to Make Big Changes to How Black History is Taught in School – To Fight Systemic Racism Of Course


NYC schools chancellor thinks the way to fight racism is to constantly remind students that black Americans are different than the rest of Americans

Ever wonder why there isn’t systemic and institutional racism against Asians?

It’s kind of odd, considering we don’t have an Asian history month or special Asian history curriculum.

I don’t want to totally bash the overhaul.

“Why did I have to go to the movies to learn that black women played a significant role putting America on the moon,” asked Black Edfluencers United president Shango Blake. “Why didn’t I learn that at school? Why are our children having to learn about Tulsa Oklahoma because it’s the 100 year anniversary? Why wasn’t it known in the books?

It’s a valid question. If students saw more of the achievements of black Americans instead of focusing on them as just slaves in the past, it would be better for society.

However, focusing on the fact that they are black is separating them from the rest of Americans. It would benefit students to learn about these Americans and their accomplishments just as they learn about other Americans.

Reactions to Overhaul of NYC Schools Black History Education

Some people embrace the change and want to see more changes done to the curriculum.

We need to re think curriculum all together. I shouldn't have been 23 when I learned what the cold war was, when it ended, and how it essentially led to smart phones. But yea columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1462.

Others think there might be a different reason we see racism in NYC.

history overhaul #1: please don't shove me on the subway tracks.

And others want to make sure all the facts are there.

Don't forget to study the time when Africans made millions selling other Africans into slavery.

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