Parents of Female Student Assaulted in LCPS to Sue Woke School Board

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Parents Take Legal Aim

In response to the growing threat of schools with the implementation of Critical Race Theory, some parents are taking legal action. However, such actions had to be preceded by incidents of alleged sexual assault triggered by the school’s transgender bathroom policy, unfortunately. 

Scott Smith, parent of a high school student at Loudoun Public High School, has retained the Stanley Law Group as legal representative, according to the official Facebook page of the law firm. He and his wife will sue the school over the alleged assault of their daughter under the provisions of Title IX, on top of seeking legal action for the arrest of Smith during a School Board meeting in June 22. 

Seeking Rectification

According to the post, “The facts are that a male student claiming to be ‘gender fluid’ was permitted to enter the girls’ bathroom on May 28 and sexually assault our daughter. Making matters worse, the school system repeatedly failed to protect her thereafter. ” 

The post continues, “To date, no one with Loudoun County Public Schools or the School Board has been held accountable for the wrong done to the Smith family. Our firm intends to rectify that.”

Parent Resist Left-leaning Board

The transgender bathroom policy and CRT were hotly contested during the June 22 school board meeting, where Scott Smith was also arrested after having been taunted by a left-leaning parent. 

During the June 22 meeting, LCPS Superintendent Scott Zeigler directly denied having had any reports of sexual misconduct. He was asked by Board member Beth Barts, “Do we have assaults in our bathrooms or locker rooms regularly?” 

He dismissed it to be a ‘red herring’ on the issue at hand. 

The basis for the legal action could not come at a worse time for the school, given that thesame alleged perpetrator have been accused by sexual assault on a separate incident in October 6. 

Twitter Reactions to CRT

#TeachersUnions Remember it wasn’t that long ago #CRT “We don’t do it. And if we do, it's for your own good."


Right after Attorney General Merrick Garland siccs the FBI onto parents protesting Critical Race Theory (CRT), we learn his son-in-law founded a publishing company selling CRT material to public schools. #MerrickGarland #CRT

Edwin Rankin

In #Texas this will not be happening. We will defend parents, and we will stand up for parents’ rights to speak out about what they think is the truth about Critical Race Theory and other issues going on at their school. #CRT

Texas Atty. General Ken Paxton

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