Chad Kimball Sues Broadway Show For Firing Him

Chad Kimball Fired From The Broadway Show “Come From Away”


Since the musical's premiere in 2017, he has been a part of the original Broadway cast.

Chad Kimball, a Tony-nominated Broadway actor, is suing the creators of the Broadway play “Come From Away” for dismissing him because of his religious views.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Kimball’s lawyer filed a complaint in New York State Supreme Court on Thursday accusing the show’s producers of being “uncomfortable” with his vocal religious views, and that the show’s refusal to “re-hire” him was based entirely or partially on his Christian religion.

The actor testified in court that he questioned Christopher Ashley, the production’s director, whether his termination was based on purported dispute “with the cast and crew or because of his religious conviction,” to which he was replied, “Everything.”

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

According to the lawsuit, he was also ordered not to return for the show’s come back on Broadway once the production resumed on January 22, 2021, because the “production needed to focus on bringing the show back together and ensure people’s safety.”

He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages and lost wages as well as attorneys’ fees and costs. A rep for the show told Page Six that the producers “declined to comment.”

Reactions to Chad Kimball Sues Broadway Show For Firing Him

Of course Chad Kimball is suing ‘Come From Away’ producers because he felt he was discriminated for being conservative…..such a Chad Kimball move…smh

Chad Kimball wasn't fired for his Christian beliefs. There are plenty of Christians on broadway who still have their jobs. He was fired for making light of Covid and being selfish. (which is ironic considering he worked on a show that was about community. Go cry elsewhere)

Hey Chad Kimball, everyone and their mother knows you got fired because you refused to get vaccinated. You also tweeted racist statements. How can anyone want to work with you? You are vile man. You signed your own Broadway pink slip by speaking out against masks.

Chad Kimball? More like poopoo peepee bitch boy

Uhhh…you see, Chad, the producers of the show GET TO CHOOSE WHO IS IN THEIR SHOW.

cry harder

@chadkimball1 showing true colors again. Wow. You can preach what you want, but ignorance has consequences.

When the message of come from away is kindness and to care for others, and you literally learn nothing from the show after being in it

ok bye chad! good luck with the new job search!

I’m sorry I can’t say anything more eloquent than this on the matter, but: (infinite jerk-off motion)

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