Kristen Stewart Claims She Have Only Made Five Good Films

The _Twilight_ Series Didn't Make It To Her List

Fans of the Twilight series will be disappointed to learn that none of the five films made her selection. During her interview with The Sunday Times, Kristen Stewart talked about her recent ventures and claimed that casting parts may be a “total crapshoot.” “I’ve probably made five really good films out of 45 or 50 […]

Dave Chappelle Speaks Out After Netflix Special Backlash

_I Am Not Bending To Anybody's Demands”

He’s heard the clamor and is now prepared to meet. Dave Chappelle has stated that he is willing to meet with transgender Netflix workers and other members of the transgender community as he rejects the accusations that he refused to do so over contentious statements he made in The Closer. “It’s been said in the […]

Anne Heche Opens Up About Her Career After Dating Ellen DeGeneres In The Late 1990s

Anne Heche's Career After Dating Ellen

Following her affair with Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Heche believes she was blacklisted by Hollywood. On Monday, the actress spoke with Page Six about the career consequences of being in a same-sex relationship with DeGeneres from 1997 to 2000. “This wasn’t a long-term love affair,” she remembered. “This was a moment in my life when I […]